Affordable Energy For All



To use technology to dramatically improve the lives of off-grid communities and make a meaningful contribution to global poverty alleviation

What we do

We finance our Smart Solar Kits and accessory devices such as lights, radio, and TV and spread the cost to the consumer through an affordable monthly subscription plan, paid via existing mobile money platforms.

Our solution is cheaper & cleaner than currently used energy sources, and enables a direct communication channel to our customers, allowing continuous monitoring for a better service.

Who we are

Pawame is an off-grid home solar company aiming to electrify the 160 million households (70% of the population) in sub-Saharan Africa that don’t have access to grid power.  Our solar home systems are capable of leapfrogging traditional power lines and offer an innovative, affordable rent-to-own, pay-as-you-go business model.  

Starting in 2016 from our base in Nairobi, Kenya, we have deployed our solution in over 2,500 households in our first 12 months and plan to reach 200,000 households by 2020. 

Our goal is to use our PAYGO platform, customer relationships and data to profitably offer life-changing products and services like electrical appliances, micro-insurance, education loans, and remote health services at scale, thereby making a meaningful contribution to global poverty alleviation.

The problem

Our solution


Energy Access

Give 200,000 people the opportunity and benefits that arise from daily energy access. Leading to significant social and economical improvements to those consumers.

Kerosene Displacement

Increase the use of solar power over kerosene leading to cost savings, but more importantly, huge long term health benefits with the reduction of some 12,000 tons of CO2.


Impact the community through electrification and the ability to educate and enhance communication with a potential of 250 million extra hours of light for study.


Encourage job and wealth creation within local communities leading to increased prosperity. Pawame itself will create 500 jobs directly.

Financial Inclusion

Improve the local business environment through its use of mobile money for all transactions. This enhances financial availability, accountability and reduces fraud risk.

Other Products & Services

Provide adjacent products and services that bring further development opportunities. TV, refrigeration, internet, school and agricultural loans are all potential offerings in a market valued at over $1 billion USD.

Our team

Maurice Parets


Combined energy, consumer marketing, entrepreneurial and nuts & bolts leadership experience in the Gulf and abroad position him uniquely to lead Pawame into the future.
MBA, Stanford University; MA - International Relations, University of Maryland, BS, U.S. Naval Academy.

Nick Sparks

COO, Co-founder

Over 10 years’ experience in the corporate sector, having held roles in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. 
Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bristol University, UK.

Majd Chaaya

CTO, Co-founder

Over 6 years’ experience in industrial quality systems and manufacturing process improvement. 
Msc – New Energy Technology, Technical University, Berlin; B.Eng – Concordia University.

Alexandre Allegue

Chairman, Co-founder

Over 10 years of leadership in developing, managing, and restructuring businesses. Former GM and co-founder of Sun & Life, a solar energy leader in the Middle East. 
EMBA, Harvard Business School; Master in Strategy, ESSEC; Engineer Degree (ESIA).

Catherine Wahome

Human Capital Manager

Experienced talent development and management leader with extensive team leadership experience in Uganda, India, and Kenya. 
BCOM, Ndejje University, Kampala Uganda.

Ronald Okumu

Finance Director

Over 6 years’ experience in Corporate Banking, Finance and Investments with Standard Chartered and Barclays Bank Kenya. Built and sold several start-ups in Africa.
BA – Economics, University of Nairobi; BA – Accounting, Strathmore University, Kenya.

Sebastian Wichmann

Head of Legal & Partnerships

English qualified lawyer with wide commercial experience within International Law and professional organisations in Europe, Asia, and Kenya.
 LLB – Law, University of London (SOAS)


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