Pawame Waste Management

Our mission to be recognised as a sustainable business is a crucial aspect of our company culture. We partnered with a local enterprise that recycles and gives a “second life” to the waste produced in PawaHouse. Through a well-structured waste management method, we are able to recycle the 90% of our waste, supporting local businesses that create goods out of recycled glass and plastic. Our organic compost is also used to create a fertilizer for our kitchen garden.


Strathmore University Partnership

In our efforts to continue meeting market challenges and to develop capacity for the renewable energy sector within the country, Pawame has entered into partnership with Strathmore University, a renowned institution of higher education that seeks to become the leading out-come driven entrepreneurial university. Through this partnership, Pawame is enabling Strathmore University students gain entrepreneurial imprinting, providing internships and allowing them to discover intricacies in the launching and running of renewable energy startups. Furthermore, the connection with the university research center will boost the development of new products and services that will improve the lives of the vast majority of African’s living without access to affordable and reliable energy solutions.